M J Robinson's COVID-19 response

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. At M J Robinson, we are people first, and during this period we have prioritised the protection of our staff, clients and contractors by limiting visitors to our facilities to essential visits only.
Staff have been issued with guidelines including rigorous on-site safety protocols to reduce any risk of exposure. We have introduced many measures in controlling the virus, one being the specific order by our prime minister, with allowing our workers to work from home. Another measure we have taken is scheduling more days within the week for our cleaning services, taking them from the standard two days to now four days a week, with the spare day being cleaned by a member of our team. We have also introduced hand washing posters on each and every door to the factory and most importantly in our kitchens and toilets. Lastly we brought alternative methods to face to face communication with now using video-conferencing as our new point of call for meetings during this pandemic.

To discuss this matter further please contact our main office on 01332 384472.

Mike Robinson
Managing Director

Chris Humphries
Health & Safety Manager